What do you do at Sunshine House?

We are asked all the time 'What do you do at Sunshine House?  We often say we will do anything we can support our Community and the whole of Wigan Borough... We say ... What are you looking for?  What would you like us to do?  We will do our best to meet your needs.  We have a variety of classes and drop in Sessions.  We support people who have early dementia, loneliness or suffering from isolation.  We have support groups and run a variety of advice sessions from housing, legal, health and a variety of counselling sessions.  There are exercise classes, Karate, Slimming Clubs, and support Groups like Winston's Wish (Children who have experienced bereavement) or Whizz Kids (youth club for children who are wheelchair bound)

Miss-Spent Jazz Octet, 

Beautiful Flowers Community Garden

The wonderful Aves Mohamed with School Children at our Writers Workshops.

Dementia Awareness in our Annex

Best Hats are found in Sunshine Charity Shop.

Michelle Consultant for Slimming World. 

Two of our Clients from SMILE our social group enjoying Tai Chi

We run several awareness and training courses over the year these are just two examples of First aid. 

Community Open Day in Gallagher Room

Liz Head Chef teaching a trainee how to make  Yourshire Puddings

If we don't do it! please ask  as we could do it 

Home made cakes a speciality

Step 1. Maybe the hardest step to take: Call in and have a chat to anyone of our team. We are all friendly and welcoming. We can chat about what you would like to do and you could meet some of our volunteers. You can ring on 01942 820026 -  

Step 2. Now its getting easier:  You have met with some of our volunteers and decided what you would like to 'have a go at' you have decided the time you would like to give, the day you would like to come along.  You  have even worked out how to juggle your home life with your new volunteering role.

STEP 3. This is the start of a new experience.  You can now develop new skills, meet new people and become an integral part of Team Sunshine.  There is nothing now  you can't achieve and we are so grateful for the time you are now going to dedicate to help others.

Three Steps to becoming a Volunteer - Our Team needs YOU.