'Sunshine House gives a warm welcome to anyone coming though the doors and that is due to the team who make it work on a daily basis'. We rely on volunteers and some of our volunteers have been with us for a number of years. The Trustees are keen to support and  grow Social Enterprise especially in these austere times. We provide training opportunities and are always keen to provide extra training and awareness courses to highlight the importance of understanding issues such as dementia, autism, deafness etc.  It is a fact that Volunteering improves Health & Wellbeing and reduces loneliness and isolation.  I would like to introduce you to our team of volunteers and some of our partner agencies'. 


  • Gilly Croston -Head Housekeeper - Social Enterprise

  • Kevin  - - Volunteer Caretakers 

  • Stephen - - Smile Project Assistant 

  • Lynn Gibson - Computer Club, volunteer, Trustee 

  • Stacey - Dining Room  

  • Christine Crompton - Reception & Dining Room Volunteer

  • Phillip Catterall Barrow Accounts  Social Enterprise

  • Tina Fairhurst Charity Shop Manager 

  • Peter Gower  Computers - Volunteer Trustee

  • Cheryl Bishop Smile Leader

  • Barbara Nettleton Centre Manager (CEO) Volunteer Trustee

  • Eileen Bradshaw - Social Secretary - Volunteer Trust

  • Ed Ellis - Health & Safety to the Trustees - Volunteer Truste

  • Paul Davies - Housekeeper Sunshine Volunteer

  • Carol Coldron -  Head Receptionist - Sunshine SE

  • Liam Catterall Barrow Assistant Chef 

  • Liz Heaton - Chef 

  • Christine Crompton - Dining Room - Volunteer

  • Alan Gregory - Volunteer  entertainment

  • Glynis Fairhurst - Volunteer Trustee

  • Sallyann Bevan - Volunteer Receptionist

  • Abbey Accountant

  • David Ellitts Office Admin 

  • Sonia Richardson Trustee 

  • Ken Trustee 

  • Elaine Wilson  Kitchen Assistant 

  • Nicole Tidmarsh Kitchen Assistant 

  • Sue Kitchen Assistant. 

  • Ged Bretherton Trustee 


Ask  about our Smile Project:  See Web Page

If you are looking after a loved one and need a break then our SMILE project could be just for you give us a call or just pop in and have a chat. 

Our Smile project runs Mon to Fri 

Step 1. Maybe the hardest step to take: Call in and have a chat to anyone of our team. We are all friendly and welcoming. We can chat about what you would like to do and you could meet some of our volunteers. You can ring on 01942 820026 -  

Step 2. Now its getting easier:  You have met with some of our volunteers and decided what you would like to 'have a go at' you have decided the time you would like to give, the day you would like to come along.  You  have even worked out how to juggle your home life with your new volunteering role.

STEP 3. This is the start of a new experience.  You can now develop new skills, meet new people and become an integral part of Team Sunshine.  There is nothing now  you can't achieve and we are so grateful for the time you are now going to dedicate to help others.

Three Steps to becoming a Volunteer - Our Team needs YOU.