Order your Breakfast all fresh every day. Served from 9.am

Our People's Pantry is open Mon Tue Sat & Sun. 10.30  Membership £2.00 per year due 1st August.  Shop for 5 items £1.00  25p extras. Thanks to TESCO & Lidl and Fair Share

Our café is run by Elizabeth (Liz) and Liam Assistant and together they do an awesome job. They work with lots of different people from different agencies.  All our food is fresh daily and we use very little frozen produce.  Liz make sure all our hygiene standards are of the highest and we are 5 star rated by Wigan Council. We do special meals  4 days per week and 'on the board ' specials daily.  We boast a fantastic Deli Bar and our FRYDAY is very popular.  

Opening Times.     9.00am  -               Refreshments &  Toast

                                 9.30am - 11am     Breakfasts from                      

                                 11.00am -              Anything on the Daily menu

                                 12.00 - 2pm           Lunches & Menu served

Open 7 Days per Week - we also cater for buffets, afternoon teas

We can cater for special diets, vegetarians or any special requests.

We take orders for Breakfast and lunches. Eat in or Take Out.  Please allow 20min.

01942 820026

Why not reserve your table early for Sat & Sun

01942 820026

All our cakes are baked on site at  Sunshine House.  We make our own delish Butter Cream with Home Made Jam. 

Peoples Café

We are a none profit Community Centre run by the people for the people, any profits made are put back into the centre which helps us to maintain affordable prices for all.  We also use only the best quality food and try to source as locally as possilbe.

Step 1. Maybe the hardest step to take: Call in and have a chat to anyone of our team. We are all friendly and welcoming. We can chat about what you would like to do and you could meet some of our volunteers. You can ring on 01942 820026 -  

Step 2. Now its getting easier:  You have met with some of our volunteers and decided what you would like to 'have a go at' you have decided the time you would like to give, the day you would like to come along.  You  have even worked out how to juggle your home life with your new volunteering role.

STEP 3. This is the start of a new experience.  You can now develop new skills, meet new people and become an integral part of Team Sunshine.  There is nothing now  you can't achieve and we are so grateful for the time you are now going to dedicate to help others.

Three Steps to becoming a Volunteer - Our Team needs YOU.