Charity begins in Scholes. 

Over the Last twelve months our Pantry has grown in demand and thanks to TESCO, LIDL, HEINZ for their kind donations we have now extended to the Shop Unit 109 Scholes Precinct and we are open 7 days per week. 

Thanks to all the donations you make for the food we are able to purchase from In Kind Direct allowing us, to provide for donations,  nappies, cleaning products, personal items for ladies, toiletries for gents out to those who need it most.  Why not pop in and take a look. 

Membership is £2.00 per year and is due every April but you can sign up any times. 

Step 1. Maybe the hardest step to take: Call in and have a chat to anyone of our team. We are all friendly and welcoming. We can chat about what you would like to do and you could meet some of our volunteers. You can ring on 01942 820026 -  

Step 2. Now its getting easier:  You have met with some of our volunteers and decided what you would like to 'have a go at' you have decided the time you would like to give, the day you would like to come along.  You  have even worked out how to juggle your home life with your new volunteering role.

STEP 3. This is the start of a new experience.  You can now develop new skills, meet new people and become an integral part of Team Sunshine.  There is nothing now  you can't achieve and we are so grateful for the time you are now going to dedicate to help others.

Three Steps to becoming a Volunteer - Our Team needs YOU.